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Example conversation flow with a chatbot built using Bot the Builder.
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Software that does the talking for you.
Give your organisation a voice of its own.
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Bot the Builder is outcome driven chatbot technology.
Deliver personal communication, on-demand with a chatbot.
Bot the Builder Chatbot Client - Momentum Tutoring.
Bot the Builder Chatbot Client - MBIE New Zealand
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Chatbots are a powerful new communications vector

Chatbots keep businesses relevant.
 Have conversations and provide services to more than four billion people active on messaging platforms today.
Chatbots deliver content with context to audiences.
With each message, a chatbot learns how to serve personalised value for every member of your audience.
Chatbots are a sustainable way to innovate.
Our powerful software allows you to leverage the chatbot vector now and evolve your business.
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Chatbots turn your service channels into a conversation

Office building, people using Bot the Builder's CMS system.Office building with people using Bot the Builder's CMS.
Unify systems
Integrate existing systems with an A.I. chatbot to supercharge different parts of your business.
Half circle animation on hover.Young woman engaging with a chatbot.
Provide utility
Chatbots deliver everything from customer service to upselling with parameters like location and age.
Half circle rotation on hover.Bot the Builder's Chatbot Analytics system.
Build powerful data
Unlock analytical data from individual to segment to audience, with our world-class chatbot platform.
Chatbot Analytics
Access insights and data at every level from audiences,
to segments, to individuals
Customised Chatbot
Put your strategies to action and deliver organic, tailored interactions every time
Chatbot Virality
Integrate existing systems to supercharge multiple facets
of an organisation
Instant Chatbot
Create dynamic, trusting relationships with everyone
in your audience

Supercharge your business with an intelligent chatbot

Chat message bubble with loading symbol inside.
Turn your business objectives and services into a curated conversational flow.
Symbol denoting the broadcasting features of Bot the Builder's chatbots.
Personally engage every audience member with a combination of powerful tools.
Circle with three different sets of coloured circles inside, depicting chatbot analytics.
Build truly qualitative insight with artificially enhanced analytics and insights.
Symbol denoting sharing from one to many.
Automate the delivery of tailored communications and services to millions with your chatbots.
How chatbots work  →
Chatbots are customer relationship builders
Bot the Builder engaged a crucial audience for R9 with a chatbot, allowing us to reach untapped segments and bringing a personalised aspect to our marketing for events and our wider program. The chatbot allowed us to communicate with our audience in an engaging, innovative, customised manner which surprised and delighted our customers. We experienced an extraordinary level of customer service; the team went above and beyond on a number of occasions to ensure we were getting the best possible results from our chatbot - their dedication is consistent and commendable.
Becky Rogers   |   Ministry of Business, New Zealand

Our partner ecosystem

Whether it’s getting data into Bot the Builder or producing world-class results, our astute partners help clients deploy and integrate their chatbot solutions quickly and effectively.
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Chatbot Integration Partners - Tuia Group, Practiv, and Touchtech

Chatbots are a revolution in on-demand communication

Bot the Builder was created to give entire networks the power to consolidate their communications around a single point - a central voice. We are passionate about bringing that vision to life for you and your company, using our technology to deliver an integrated chatbot solution that lives and breathes your brand.
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Chatbot technology is changing how we approach digital communications.
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